Kristian Barrese

Expert JavaScript Web Developer


Kristian Barrese

JavaScript Developer at Enhancers and VueJS lover

Born and raised on Reggio Calabria, I live in Turin since September 2017 for work.

I create responsive web apps/sites/PWA (Progressive Web Apps) with modern Front-End technologies and languages as JavaScript, VueJS, NuxtJS, ReactJS, Redux, Webpack, CSS3, SCSS/SASS, Yarn, Bootstrap, Buefy.

This website itself runs on NuxtJs/VueJS/Webpack.

I've also worked for years in Back-End/Full-Stack with PHP (in MVC Pattern), MySQL, OpenCart. and more. I have a bit of confidence with server-side JavaScript like NodeJS and Express, as well as NuxtJS middleware.

Git is a daily tool 😊!

I have a very good knowledge of Windows and Linux systems, expecially Ubuntu and Arch Linux.

I'm also the creator of bolide-nuxt-template (a question-based boilerplate generator for NuxtJS), bootstrap4-utils-extended (an atomic SCSS inspired extension for Bootstrap 4) and buefy-form-generator (a form generator via JSON for Buefy/Bulma with Vee-Validate).

Kristian Barrese

My tech-tools

VS Code
Javascript (vanilla)

This website is 100% PWA!

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NOTICE: Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to showcase all the projects I've worked on during my career. But you can take a look at StarBoost Torino (the previous company I've worked for) and check the projects we've developed.


E-commerce subdomain for a german Extreme Metal music label. Made with OpenCart, custom ad hoc design and VqMod mods for custom features.


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Naturmacht image
Naturmacht image


I was a developer of the Ediltouch project, using PHP MVC, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL. I've worked on the search algorithm, user panel and advanced features through AJAX requests, database design/managment and various performance optimizations. The actual website design and goal is now a bit more different.


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Ediltouch image
Ediltouch image
Ediltouch image

There's a lot more to show...

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If you have an awesome idea, need tech-web help, want to propose an exciting project or even for a chat, contact me on Linkedin.